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SOURCE: Sugartide Films

 March 15, 2016 12:00 ET

L.A. Indy Film Festival Best Actress Winner in new sci-fi series THE GUNRUNNER BILLY KANE

Julianna Robinson in unique Sci-FY Series.

 Los Angeles, CA (March 15, 2015) – “Julianna Robinson just blew me away during casting for The Gunrunner Billy Kane series and I’m super pleased to see that others have taken notice of her rare talent.” says The Gunrunner Billy Kane series creator M.D. Selig when told of Robinson’s win for Best Actress at the prestigious L.A. Indy Film Festival last Sunday night. Robinson won for her leading role in the new indy film The Funeral Guest.

For those of you wishing to get a glimpse of Miss Robinson’s acting prowess, look no further than Selig’s new sci-fi episodic, The Gunrunner Billy Kane, where she plays – broke legal secretary-Sarah Hawkins. (Series Regular)

In the series, (about rogue Doctor Billy Kane, who runs guns to fund brain experiments that may save his dying daughter from a neurological disease), Robinson plays a broke-single-parent who becomes Dr. Kane’s first Frankenstein style test subject for a brain-nano-tech-augmentation.

The Gunrunner Billy Kane also features John Kassir (Jack the Giant Slayer), Bella King (Red Riding Hood), Imelda Corcoran (Better than Sex) among many other rising Hollywood stars. Cast by Selig in Hollywood while doing odd jobs between his acting gigs, the cast came together because they loved the writing and wanted the show to succeed.

As Robinson states, “Michael’s writing is as heavy and hard-hitting as anyone in Hollywood and his passion for strong story inspired many of us to come onboard.”

Within its D.I.Y. origins, the series feels like a secret portal into a new sci-fi paradigm, freed of the formulaic constraints of thirty-minute or one-hour dramas. The episodes are fast paced, surprisingly twisty, and short enough to catch on a work break. Cycle Two will be released June 28th and Cycle Three is filming in late August as fans are already tweeting about what’s to come.


Sugartide Films founder M.D. Selig is an Actor (Zero Dark Thirty), Writer/Director (Southern Justice) and Series Creator (The Gunrunner Billy Kane).

 Sugartide Films is an independent studio specializing in entertainment content for all platforms. Crowd-funded on Patreon, Selig’s goal is to build an organic fan-base that can interact with the show from casting to storyline decisions based on fan input. A destination for sci-fi fans who want to participate in the on-going series.